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Award of the Company Supporting Health

oez.png OEZ received the award of the Company Supporting Health. The highest rank of this title was awarded by the National Institute of Public Health of the Czech Ministry of Health for the second time as OEZ had held this title since 2012.


New Distri products from 1 March 2016

distri.png For 2016 we have prepared new DistriTon enclosures and DistriBox switchboard cabinets.


About us

oez.png Short video introduction of OEZ, its business team, product ranges and news for 2015


New generation of steel-plastic enclosures RZA

Nové rozvodnice Distri - RZA For tens of years OEZ is a reliable choice in selection of Minia modular devices, i.e. protective and control devices for building, residential or similar installations. The DistriTon enclosures provide a suitable base for the production of distribution boards.


New Building of the OEZ Testing Laboratory

oez.png OEZ has always been a progressive firm, which is confirmed by its sixty-year-long tradition of research and development. Dozens of development experts, designers and testing engineers are currently members of international development teams of the Siemens group, in which Letohrad-based OEZ has been active since 2007.


Offene Leistungsschalter Arion – maßgeschneiderte Geräte

arion.png Offene Leistungsschalter Arion gehören zum Produktportfolio von OEZ seit 2000. Arion Leistungsschalter werden in 3- und 4-poliger Ausführung mit Strombereichen bis 6 300 A erzeugt.


Modernization in the Varius fuse program

varius.png In the previous issues of the OEZ News you may have taken a note that we are optimizing the product portfolio of the Varius fuse systems. Now the changes concern the cylindrical fuse-links as well as their switch-disconnectors and disconnectors.


Der 100 000. offene Jubiläums-Leistungsschalter verließ das Werk OEZ

oez.png In der ersten Hälfte des Monats Oktober 2012 verließ die bereits 100 000. Ausführung des offenen Leistungsschalters die Firma OEZ. Von Letohrad aus gelangen diese Geräte unter der Bezeichnung „Sentron“ und „Arion“ in das weltweite Verkaufsnetz. Die Jubi-läumsausführung erhält ein Kunde von Siemens im chilenischen Santiago.