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New Distri products from 1 March 2016

distri.png For 2016 we have prepared new DistriTon enclosures and DistriBox switchboard cabinets.


1) The range of steel-plastic RZA enclosures has been completed by the type for installation of data and multimedia cabling:

Type: RZA-Z-3S14-IT2


  • Dimensions H=643 mm, W=362 mm, Dtotal = 95 mm
  • 1 U-rail for 14 modules
  • 2 mounting panel for installation of data or multimedia elements
    2x (H = mm, W = mm)
    Perforation in raster 10x10 mm 

2) Fully new series of RZB enclosures replaces the existing range of flush-mounted RZB and wall mounted RNB enclosures and have the same sizes and external dimensions as the old types. Decisive changes have been made in RZB interior, which now offers higher comfort for installation of devices and above all for leading and connecting conductors in the enclosure.

Main advantages of RZB enclosures

  • Removable steel frame with door.
  • Possibility of locking
  • Terminal blocks for N conductors after the residual current circuit breaker.
  • Big space for leading conductors at terminal blocks, under “U” rails, and on sides.
  • Removable upper “U” rail for comfortable installation of conductors at terminal blocks.
  • Reinforced frame and  “U” rails.
  • Stops on “U” rails for end modules.
  • Steel front covers with quick-acting closures. 
  • Basic equipment - terminal blocks,  “U” rails, etc. is the same as for the original range.

Type conversion table


3) Other new range of RZI enclosures replaces the existing ECO range, IP55. These are plastic wall-mounted enclosures with degree of protection IP65.

Main advantages of RZI enclosures

  • Degree of protection IP65.
  • Possibility of locking
  • Big space for leading conductors at terminal blocks, under “U” rails, and on sides of the base.
  • Removable frame with "U" rails.

Type conversion table


4) DistriTon - change in type designation and overview

Type designation has been changed for the steel-plastic and plastic enclosures.

New type designation:


DistriTon overview:



1) NP66 sheet-steel cabinets will gradually replace the NP65 cabinets. They are also wall-mounted, provide higher degree of protection IP66, and their basic equipment and accessories offer higher comfort in installation of devices.

Type conversion table: